Do you provide quality maintenance practices with supervision and effective system management?

Why undertake a Vehicle Maintenance System Audit?

You may consider yourself to be on top of your game but until your systems are pressure checked you never truly know. It is not enough to rely on a maintenance system alone, because this cannot ensure that vehicles are roadworthy. To ensure best practice, you will need to combine good quality maintenance practices and skills with supervision and effective management of the system. Our comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance System Audit has designed to adhere to the strict guidance provided by the DVSA in their "Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness". 


This audit has been designed for operators wanting to assess the compliance and efficiency of their maintenance arrangements to ensure their vehicles are in a roadworthy condition, regardless of operating conditions, fleet size or vehicle type. Suitable for both in-house and contracted out maintenance arrangements.

The audit investigates systems relating to daily walk around checks, safety inspections and repair facilities (in-house and contracted-out); safety inspections frequencies and documentation; responsibilities for roadworthiness and continuous monitoring to ensure quality and compliance. 

Our unbiased audit team can review your current engineering operational systems/procedures and highlight the areas where you have potential liabilities or exposure. Our audit template is based upon legal requirements and good practice allowing you to review and assess areas that you may wish to address within your maintenance operation.


A comprehensive, documented report will be produced clearly reporting where maintenance systems and procedures follow the latest recommendations and highlight opportunities for improvement.

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