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Yet another Restricted O Licence holder disqualified and the business closed down

An operator who racked up a “catalogue of incidents of concern” , including a 100% vehicle prohibition rate and using vehicles not covered by an MoT, has had its licence revoked and been disqualified.

Another cowboy operator is removed from our roads

Operator Nathan Jones ran one vehicle and three trailers and had applied to increase his authorisation to three HGVs and three trailers, but he was called to a public inquiry (PI) amid allegations of using more vehicles on his licence than were permitted.

Simon Evans, traffic commissioner (TC) for the North West of England, said severe regulatory action was justified against the sole trader. Bearing in mind the licence has been in force for only 10 months, there has been a substantial number of prohibitions and fixed penalties. Management control has been ineffective across a full range of issues – maintenance, compliance systems, and drivers’ hours.”

Simon Evans disqualified the operator for 30 months and Jones's company was consequently closed down.

All too often Restricted Operator Licence holders fail to meet their undertakings and consequently fall short of what is required to safely and legally operate commercial vehicles. Don't take the risk, attend the New Operator Seminar when invited by the Traffic Commisioner and put provisions in place from the very start so you can meet your legal requirements.

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