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Vans can be the biggest offenders when it comes to overloading

If you drive a van as part of your business, you will probably already know that even the most heavy-duty models can struggle with heavy loads.

According to the DVSA, eight in 10 vehicles are stopped because they are overloaded and 54% of vans are found with serious mechanical defects. If a van is stopped for overloading and is also found to have these issues, it could result in a court appearance or an even larger fine.

This can have a serious consequences for businesses, as it’s estimated that between on-the-spot penalties and lost revenue, poorly kept, overloaded vans can cost a business up to £4,000 per day, a huge sum for a small business to absorb.

So, the case of the overloaded van isn’t just a practical issue – it’s a legal one. The authorities take an overstuffed van seriously, as excess weight can constitute a serious hazard for you and other drivers.

LogistiComp advise that you build a relationship with a local weighbridge provider and do your homework; Make sure that you are aware of the weight your specific vehicles can legally transport and educate your drivers and loaders so they do not exceed these thresholds. If you are carrying the same loads on a regular basis, weigh these loads accurately and configure the weight and distrbution across your vehicle axles properly. If you would like more advice on weights, dimensions, how to avoid overloading and effective load restaint, get in tough with us today.

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