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The key to safe Longer Semi-Trailer operation is robust driver training

Longer semi-trailers (LSTs) could become a permanent fixture on Britain’s roads as the government moves to bring to an early end a trial of over 2,600 LSTs following positive results.

The DfT has launched a consultation into the future of LSTs yesterday after the trial revealed that LSTs can deliver significant reductions in both mileage and emissions whilst boosting productivity. LSTs, are two metres longer than conventional heavy goods vehicles, incorporate a rear steering axle and have a significant rear overhang.

Results from the trial to date show the 2,600 LSTs have cut mileage by 33.5 million miles and CO2 by 48,000 tonnes, which is the equivalent to taking over 20,000 cars off the road.

The key to LST safe operation is robust driver training. From their introduction in 2012, the Government has required all operators to ensure that their drivers receive specialist training in relation to LSTs and their unique driving characteristics. Unfortunately, the Government didn't go far enough and specify training goals, assessment criteria or even a minimum duration for this training. Nor did the Government stipulate that training must be conducted behind the wheel. Consequently, the number of RTCs and incidents involving LSTs have been unnecessarily high since their introduction.

Speak to us today and learn how LogistiComp's bespoke LSTs training packages which incorporate interactive classroom, behind the wheel driving and manoeuvring exercises, can support the safe operation of your LST fleet.

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