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June 2019 sees introduction of Smart Tachographs

From 15th June 2019, smart tachographs must be fitted to all new large Goods Vehicles sold in the U.K.  This EU regulation (165/2014) was passed in 2014 and enacted in 2016. It is therefore an existing part of UK law and, as such, will be put into practice despite the post-Brexit deadline. Smart Tachographs aim to reduce administrative processes and digital tachograph tampering. The vehicle unit devices will use a GPS to record the start and end location of the drivers work and record every 3 hours of driving time. Enforcement vehicles will be fitted with a Remote Early Detection Communication Reader which will be able to read data remotely from a passing digital tachograph.  It will no longer be necessary for LGVs to be stopped for basic tachograph data to be read. Using a REDCR , enforcement authorities such as the police and DVSA will be able to capture information such as security breaches, the absence of a valid card and the speed recorded by the tachograph while the LGV is still in motion.  They will be able to detect time adjustment data, the most recent calibration date and a host of other details.  The smart tachograph itself will be able to tell if the driver card inserted is the most recent card issued to that driver. Drivers’ hours and break times will also be included to measure if the driver has exceeded daily driving limits.

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