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Hybrid truck enables smart night-time deliveries

Scania’s newly-launched plug-in hybrid truck is currently being trialled in silent night time deliveries to McDonald’s restaurants in Stockholm. Due to noise restrictions, downtown deliveries are normally not permitted in the Swedish capital.

Since the plug-in truck can drive silently up to 10 kilometres in fully electric mode, deliveries can be carried out on near-empty streets at night. With normal restrictions, most retail deliveries are scheduled for mornings before the start of business, and trucks are consequently caught in rush hour traffic. The City of Stockholm has exempted these delivery trials from the night time ban.

The truck utilises vegetable oil as fuel during the 22-kilometre journey from the warehouse to downtown Stockholm, which reduces carbon emissions by up to 90 percent. When entering the city centre, the vehicle automatically switches to electric propulsion triggered by the Scania Zone service software using geofencing.

The battery is recharged with a combination of regenerative braking and external charging. At one of the restaurants, a vehicle charger has been installed to boost energy during loading, unloading and driver breaks.

Learn more here: https://www.scania.com/group/en/hybrid-truck-enables-smart-night-time-deliveries-in-stockholm/

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