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Don't let your Vehicle Operator compliance slip through your fingers

Many Vehicle Operators fail to satisfy their Operator Licence Undertakings and lose their business.

LogistiComp understand your requirements and deliver your needs

At LogistiComp, we understand that as your business grows, its an everyday struggle to keep a tight hold of your transport compliance and safety requirements. As your fleet increases in size, the arrangements that you relied upon when your business first started out, struggle to keep pace with your increasing operational demand. Ultimately, if your Safety and Compliance doesn't keep a step ahead of your business growth, there is a real risk that everything you've worked so hard for, will simply slip through your fingers.

Similarly, for newly established Fleet Operators obtaining an O Licence is often the simplest stage in managing a fleet. Retention of that licence and meeting the undertakings effectively is the real challenge for any new business.

That's where LogistiComp steps in. We are perfectly placed for small to medium sized business who are looking for hands-on dedicated professional support to navigate the challenges of fleet and operator start-ups, expansion and restructuring. Whatever stage of development your transport operation is at, Logisticomp will ensure that your business and employees are always fully compliant with relevant and the most up to date legislation covering the UK transport industry.

For those organisations that cannot yet justify the cost of a full-time Compliance Manager or a Restricted licence holder who is not required to appoint a Transport Manager, LogistiComp's services are an effective way to draw upon road transport expertise and industry knowledge. For more established operations, LogitisiComp offers a range of safety, compliance and training services including our Health Check which audits your current processes and benchmarks your practices against the industry standard. Our comprehensive audit and compliance package will help you manage your operator licence systems, documentation and processes to ensure you will never put your licence at risk and your business in jeopardy.

Whether you are applying for an Operators Licence, or whether you have recently been granted an O Licence and need help in setting up Tachograph, Vehicle Maintenance and driver/vehicle defect processes, LogistiComp have you covered.

Please take this opportunity to learn more about the services we offer. 

If you would like to discuss what LogistiComp can do to support your road transport business, give us a call today to set up a free consultation because compliance really does matter...

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