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Damlier scraps truck platooning

Daimler is to scrap truck platooning trials after real-world testing returned only minimal fuel economy benefits.

Platooning fuel savings in real world driving are not viable

After thousands of miles of on-highway testing, Daimler has come to the conclusion that there is no viable business case for truck platoons, and while it remains committed to current projects, will not be embarking on any new platooning trials.

Damlier explained that under perfect conditions, coupling two or more trucks electronically at a distance of 15m apart has the ability to boost fuel economy by 4%. However, because of numerous external factors, including terrain and traffic conditions, perfect platooning occurs only 20% of the time. As a result, in real world conditions, the savings are closer to 1%, which Damlier said does not make platooning a viable business proposition. #platoonin

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