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Roadside Fixed Penalties: No More Chip and Pin

With effect from 29 January 2019, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will be introducing a change to the way roadside payments for fixed penalties are made. Instead of being able to pay by chip and PIN, charges will have to be paid using a secure payment portal. However, providing the driver has a permanent address in the UK, they will still have 28 days to make the payment. Payment can still be made via the DVSA Contact Centre.

Also with effect from 29 January 2019, vehicle immobilisation fees will also be made via newpayment portal.

How is this likely to effect your business? Your drivers will need to have, or be able to provide to DVSA, an email address or mobile phone number (for text alerts) in order for DVSA to send details for the payment. You will need to ensure the email address and/or phone number is regularly checked and administered to ensure payments are made. You will need to ensure a funding mechanism is in place to guarantee payments to DVSA can be made and, where necessary, accounted for within your business.

DVSA makes changes to payments for road side fixed penalities

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